products - recalimed rubber

Reclaimed rubber offered by our Company, is in the form of sheets, each of ca 20 kgs. It is produced by the thermomechanical method from the used car tyres. Basic parameters are mentioned in the below tabel.
  1. Application / use
    Generally – for production of rubber goods, as the cheaper equivalent of synthetic rubber. When using reclaimed rubber instead of synthetic rubber – if the production technology of the given products allows for that – enables to lower the production costs.
  2. Technical parameters
    Lp Parameter Value
    1 Weight content of flying agents at 110°C
    w %, not more than
    2 Weight content of ashes in % not more than 5,0
    3 Weight content of softening agents in %, not more than 28,0
    4 Viscosity by Mooney (conventional unit) 17 - 37
    5 Resistance, in Mpa, TYPE A
    TYPE B

    6 relative elongation at break, not more than 250
    7 Shore hardness, (Sh.units) 55
    8 Density: 1,15 kg/dcm³ +/- 0,12
    9 content of metal particles on section of 3 rolls, in grams, not more than 0,00
  3. Typical packing
    goods in sheets, on pallets, covered with poly-foil,
  4. Deliveries
    generally as full truck loads to the receiver’s place. It is also possible to take the goods by the receiver’s means of transportation from our warehouse. Other terms and conditions are to be agreed further on.

    Quality of the products has been approved by many Polish receivers / users from the rubber sector.

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