products - rubber granulate vibroisolating mats

Rubber granulate vibroisolating mats are featured by non-slip surface and high level of vibroisolating attributes.

Our products are characterized by high repeatability and high quality materials used in the production process.

Anti-vibration mats are commonly used in the construction industry, the food industry, food processing and mining. These products are not only used as vibration isolators but also as sound insulation, soundproofing screens etc.

This kind of mats is also used as sound insulation and vibration isolator in the rail industry and as a protection and hedge various types of machinery and equipment. They are used in the construction industry in order to reduce the negative impacts of trams and trains on buildings and in order to reduce the impact of shock and vibration for sensitive buildings (museums , churches, historic buildings etc.)

Vibroisolating mats provide:
  1. reduction of the emitted vibrations
  2. high durability and resistance to aging
  3. reduction of noise emitted into the environment
  4. easy installation
  5. high quality at an affordable price

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