products - rubber compounds

The main subject of our trading activity are various, ready-made rubber goods. However, when taking into account the very essential aspect of production costs in the rubber sector, we see possibility of cooperation within the outsourcing – ie making in Poland and delivery of rubber compounds of the agreed, given recipe and the imposed technical parameters. Such cooperation requires a lot of additional technological and organisational agreements between the potential Parties to this business. We guarantee to keep in secret the customer’s technological recipes and production method of the compound in question. Components for production of compound can be offered by our side or delivered/ensured by the customer/receiver of the compound.

General range of the rubber compounds possible to be offered:
  1. Application / use
    Rubber compounds are offered as the non-vulcanised sheets or bands , destinated for further production of vulcanised products.
  2. Types
    • SBR - for use in normal, standard conditions
    • NBR - oil, gasoline, fat – resistant
    • CR - higher resistance against weather conditions and weak acids
    • EPDM - resistant against oxygen, ozone and higher temperature
  3. Basic, chosen parameters
    Hardness: 40 ÷ 80°ShA
    Tensile strength: 5 ÷ 20 MPa
    Elongation: 150 ÷ 600%
    Density: 1,15 ÷ 1,60 Mg/m3
    Applied temperature: -40 ÷ 100°C
  4. Products vulcanised in moulds
    We offer technical rubber products made from rubber compounds by method of vulcanisation in moulds. The used polymers ensure wide exploitation parameters of our goods.