products - rubber granulate matting for use indoor based on SBR granulate and with ther addition of EPDM granulate (mosaic)

Mats are manufactured in the form of sheets made of rubber granules are designed for indoor use. For this kind of products we have a certificate issued by the National Institute of Health (PZH). These mats are featured by non-slip , durable and flexible surface.

The production technology enables the maintenance of full repeatability in the range of sizes while maintaining dimensional tolerances on the level of 1,0 mm. Narrow range of tolerances is achieved by cutting the sheets by the cold. The sheets are cut after cooling using special cutters in the shape of squares and in the form of a puzzle.

Our products are completely safe and are suitable for indoor applications. The most popular colours are black, gray and mats mosaic type with addition of EPDM rubber granules in a different colour than the basic fill.

Application: our mats can be used in gyms, fitness clubs , gymnasiums, indoor technical rooms, storage areas etc.

Available sizes and formats:
Mat in the shape of puzzle:
Size 1000 x 1000 mm
Thickness: 10, 15, 20 and 25 mm

Square-shaped mat:
Size 1000 x 1000 mm
Thickness: 10, 15, 20 and 25 mm

Technical description:
Black SBR mating - this is our basic product made of black SBR granules. Mats are resistant to abrasion and maintain long-lasting colour.

Black matting mosaic type – this type of mat is produced from black SBR granules with the addition of 5-10-15 % EPDM granules. EPDM granules are resistant to weathering and abrasion, therefore these products can be used in all conditions.

Coloured mating – this type of mats are made of SBR granules and connected by polyurethane with the addition of inorganic colouring pigments. It is coloured in the external surface only. We offer a wide range of colours in our products.

products - rubber granulate matting with increased resistance to damage

In our offer we also have mats with increased resistance to mechanical damage, which can be used on surfaces exposed to the impact on these areas such as the gyms, where heavy weights are lifted, dumbbells dropped etc. These mats can also be used to protect the surface of loading/unloading zones, in technical rooms or storage rooms.

Available dimensions:
Minimum Thickness: 25 mm
Shape: square or puzzle

Colours: black, black with EPDM granules (mosaic)

products - rubber granulate rims for indoor matting

For indoor rubber granulate matting we recommend special rims, which have been designed in order to improve comfort and safety in everyday using as well as make general appearance nice and aesthetic.

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